C3A AgeMAP – Healthy Minds for Healthy Lives (Mental Health Curriculum by C3A)

Credit Counselling Singapore is proud to be a community-based organisation providing this mental health curriculum for seniors, developed by the Council for Third Age (C3A) / National Silver Academy NSA). The curriculum was developed by a community aged-care physician with many years of clinical knowledge and expertise in the development of physical and mental well-being in seniors.

Mental health influences one's ability to have a happy experience of life and how one handles life's problems. Maintaining strong mental health reduce the vulnerability of seniors to mental health disorders and life challenges.

"C3A AgeMap - Healthy Minds for Healthy Lives" a fun-filled 3-hour course for seniors who want to improve their mental health and live a more fulfilling life.

This course equips seniors with the knowledge and skills to take care of and improve their mental well-being. At the end of the course, participants will:

1.    Recognize the common issues connected with ageing that can have an impact on one's mental well-being.

2.    Be aware of approaches, techniques, and resources for preventing and managing these prevalent mental health concerns.

3.    Develop good attitudes that promote and preserve mental health.

This is a NSA-supported Mental Well-being course. Registration is now opened. 


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About the National Silver Academy (NSA)

The National Silver Academy (NSA) is a network of post-secondary education institutions (PSEIs) (i.e. ITE, polytechnics, universities and arts institutions) and community-based organisations (CBOs) that offer learning opportunities that are subsidised for seniors. Seniors and PRs aged 50 years and above can look forward to attending short courses and bite sized courses that are exam free.

For courses run by community-based organisations, the final fee payable by seniors (both Singaporeans and PRs) takes into account the support given by the government to community-based organisations to develop and offer the short courses.

Find out more about National Silver Academy at www.nsa.org.sg.