Arranging for a Credit Counselling Appointment

To request for credit counselling, you must first attend an information talk on Debt Management (conducted via webinar) or complete our Online Debt Management Course.

After attending a Consumer Debt Management webinar.   At the end of the talk/webinar, follow the instructions provided to download a Counselling Request Form in PDF format. Click here to register.

After completing the Online Debt Management Course.   After completing the online course, access will be granted for you to use our Online Submission Portal or download a Counselling Request Form in PDF format. Click here to enrol.

Supporting Documents Required

You must duly complete the Consumer Credit Counselling Request Form and submit it together with the following supporting documents:

1.   Credit Report

You may purchase your Credit Report online from Credit Bureau (Singapore). See alternative ways to purchase your Credit Report here.

You will need a valid MasterCard or Visa credit or debit card,  or an internet banking account with DBS/UOB or Citibank to make payment of $6.42 (inclusive of GST).

2.   Money Lender Credit Bureau (MLCB) Report (if applicable).

You may purchase (fee of $0.50) your report online from Money Lender Credit Bureau.

Note: All purchases of MLCB Borrower Credit Report is temporarily unavailable online. Please process your MLCB credit report purchase at 

Credit Bureau Singapore
2 Shenton Way, #20-02
SGX Centre 1
Singapore 068804

or at Credit Counselling Singapore office.

3.   CPF Transaction History Statements (latest 15 months).

Click here to proceed to CPF website.

4.   CPF Contribution History Statements (latest 15 months). 

Click here to proceed to CPF website.

5.    Income Documents

A.   For Salaried Employee

(1)   Pay slip (most recent month), or
(2)   Payment voucher (most recent month), or
(3)   Letter of Employment (indicating your monthly salary).

If income was affected by COVID-19, please include any month pay slip / payment vouchers before February 2020 indicating income before the reduction.

B.   Commission-based earner (for example, housing agents, insurance agents or sales agents)

(1)    Commission statements (for past 3 months).

 If income was affected by COVID-19, please include any commission statements before February 2020 or your personal Income Tax Assessment (for income earned in 2019) indicating income before the reduction .

C.   Self-employed (for example, taxi drivers, private hire drivers, freelance tuition teacher)

(1)   Statement of income earned (for past 1 month) or print out of weekly earnings (for past 4 weeks), or
(2)   Record of daily income (for the past 1 month).

If income was affected by COVID-19, please include any month income statement or records before February 2020 indicating income before the reduction.

D.   Business Owners (for example, sole-proprietor, partner in firm or  director of private limited company)

(1)   Business bank account statements (for past 3 months), AND
(2)  Business financial statements (for past 2 years), or
(3)  Personal Income Tax Assessment (for past 2 years).

 If income from business was affected by COVID-19, please include any month statement or records before February 2020 indicating income before the reduction.

Submission of Counselling Request Forms and Supporting Documents

Submission by Post or Email

You may send the completed Counselling Request Form together with the relevant supporting documents as follows:

By post / by hand

Credit Counselling Singapore (CCS)
51 Cuppage Road
Singapore 229469


Due to Safe Management Measures implemented at CCS, appointments must be made in advance should you require assistance for document filling or wish to submit your documents in person.

You may also drop your documents into our mail dropbox located on the right of our main door.

CCS office operating hours are Mondays to Fridays (except public holidays), 9.00 am to 6.00 pm.


By email :

Preferably, save your documents in PDF or JPG format. Please limit each file size to a maximum of 2 MB.

Submission using Online Submission Portal

If you have attended our Debt Management webinar and requested for online submission, you can expect to receive your personalised link to the Online Submission Portal within three working days.

If you have completed our Online Debt Management Course and passed the Quiz, you will be granted access to the Online Submission Portal to submit a request for credit counselling and upload the relevant supporting document.

It is recommended that you obtain the necessary supporting documents before proceeding to the CCS Online Submission Portal.

Save the documents onto your device/laptop/PC (PDF/JPG format are acceptable) and in a location where you can easily find them. Maximum file size 12 MB.

For an online submission to be considered "complete", you need to upload the necessary supporting documents as stated above.

We will inform you of your counselling appointment by email after we have received the duly completed Counselling Request Form and a complete set of supporting documents.

Appointment Hours

Counselling appointments are normally scheduled during our operating hours, between Mondays to Fridays between 9.00 am and 6.00 pm (excluding public holidays).

If your schedule does not allow, you may request for an evening appointment between Mondays to Thursdays (excluding public holidays). Evening sessions typically begin at 7.00 pm.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, all counselling sessions are conducted over the phone.


There is normally a small one-time fee payable on the first financial counselling session.

There are no other fees are payable for subsequent sessions (if required) or for setting up a debt repayment arrangement under a Debt Management Programme (if assessed suitable).

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, counselling fees are waived for sessions conducted over the phone.