Business Debt Management to Overcome Cash Flow Difficulties

Credit Counselling Singapore (CCS) has over 17 years of experience providing debt advices for personal debts incurred by individuals.

Our Financial Counsellors have come across many instances where business owners have given personal guarantees to obtain financing or used their personal credit facilities to finance their firms’ operations. When the business experiences cash flow difficulties, they struggle to pay suppliers, pay for operating expenses and service loans. In the event the business becomes insolvent, the owner becomes personally liable for the debt owed to creditors. Often, the stress they experienced leads to anxiety and depression, and in some cases, breakdown of marriages and families.

Our business credit counselling and debt advisory services are meant to help owners of micro and small enterprises (MSE) in Singapore ease cash flow difficulties by facilitating a repayment arrangement with creditors, on their behalf. With a repayment plan in place, it provides some relief as the business owner focus on generating new revenue streams and cash flow.

In addition to addressing business-related debts, the debt advisory service may also encompass addressing personal liabilities, such as unsecured personal loans and credit card debts.

A session with our Financial Counsellors therefore involves a holistic and comprehensive discussion and assessment of one’s business and personal financial situation.

Our programmes are useful for business owners who lack the financial knowledge and resources to engage a professional consultancy or to access other remedies. They may also be afraid to approach their creditors for fear that it may trigger early recalls of their loan facilities.


Mr Kuo How Nam,
Chairman from 2004 to 2020
Credit Counselling Singapore

Business Debt Management Webinar

Get reliable and unbiased information on how you can address loan servicing difficulties by attending our free information talks on business debt management.

After attending the presentation, you will

1.   Have a broad overview of various credit relief support measures available for Micro and Small Enterprises (MSE) facing cashflow difficulties.

2.   Be familiar with the various options MSE owners can consider to address both business and personal loan servicing difficulties.

3.   Know more about CCS Consumer Debt Management Programme.

4.   Know more about CCS Sole Proprietors and Partnerships (SPP) Scheme and Enterprise Debt Management Programme (EDMP) facilitated by CCS.


Should you wish to arrange for an appointment to see a Financial Counsellor from our MSE Team for personalised debt advice, follow the instructions provided at the end of the webinar to download a Business Counselling Request Form (PDF-format). The form should be completed and submitted with relevant supporting documents via post to CCS.

Currently, all our talks are conducted via Zoom webinar.

English webinars: Conducted on a monthly basis on a weekday evening.

The dates for upcoming Business Debt Management webinars are as follows:

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The dates for upcoming Consumer Debt Management webinars are as follows:

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