Boost Employee Performance and Well-being with Financial Education and Counselling

In today's fast-paced world, financial stress can be a significant burden for many employees, impacting their productivity and mental health.

At Credit Counselling Singapore (CCS), we understand that financial wellbeing is crucial for ensuring a happy and high level of work performance in your organisation. Our customisable financial education can help your employees manage their finances effectively, reducing stress and enhancing workplace performance.

Discover how your employees' financial wellbeing can be supported with a programme to impart skills for effective money management, responsible use of credit and prudent borrowing. Partner with CCS to enhance workplace performance today!

The Importance of Maintaining Financial Wellbeing

Financial difficulties and setbacks can cause stress, anxiety, and lower job performance. When employees worry excessively about money and debt, their focus and productivity decline. Supporting financial wellbeing can boost your team's mental health and overall wellbeing.

A financial wellbeing programme teaches employees essential skills to manage their finances wisely. They learn to use credit responsibly, handle debt, budget for expenses, and plan for major financial goals.

With engaging workshops, interactive talks, and personalised counselling, we help your team stay financially stable and enjoy peace of mind.

1.   Reduced Stress and Anxiety: Help employees feel less worried about money.
2.   Increased Focus and Productivity: Employees can concentrate better on their work.
3.   Improved Job Satisfaction: Show you care about your employees. Employees who feel secure financially are happy and are more engaged.
4.   Avoid Financial Embarrassment: Support employees in keeping their debts manageable, reducing stress and preventing any embarrassment for both themselves and the organisation.

Our Programme and Services

At CCS, we provide a variety of talks and customised workshops to support your employees' financial well-being. Our programmes focus on learning to make smart money decisions and building a sound financial foundation.

Making Smart Money Moves (Series of Financial Talks)

1.    Make Smart Money Moves.

Your decisions about money can have lasting consequences and shape your future. Learn how making the right moves with how you manage money can have a significant impact on your financial future. Regardless of your life stage, having positive money management skills can help you make informed decisions about spending and saving to the future.


2.   Using Credit with Savviness – Smart Strategies to Manage Credit.

Credit cards offer a secure and convenient way to pay for purchases, along with rewards such as cash back and travel points. However, it’s easy to fall into hidden pitfalls of becoming over-reliant on credit and the habit of “buying now but paying later.” Discover how to enjoy the benefits that many credit cards offer by treating them as payment tools rather than a source of income.


3.   Savvy Borrowing – Smart Strategies in Managing Loans.

Taking a loan is sometimes necessary as a stepping stone in the pursuit of our life goals. Many people need to borrow money for significant purchases such as vehicles for work and commuting, or a home to raise a family. Learn how to make informed decisions about loans, avoid the pitfalls of excessive debt, and discover prudent financial practices to maintain your financial wellbeing.


4.   Avoiding Common Debt Pitfalls – Smart Strategies to Managing Debt Effectively.

Address common debt issues and gain simple yet practical strategies to avoid the debt trap. By shedding light on these common pitfalls, you’ll gain valuable insights into adopting prudent financial practices, ensuring your long-term financial stability and overall well-being.

5.   Be Money Smart & Work Ready.

Entering the workforce is a significant milestone. Learn essential financial skills to manage money effectively, make smart choices, and build a secure financial future. Amidst the excitement of starting a new job, it can be challenging to manage money well at first. Gain the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions, avoid costly mistakes, and establish a sound foundation for long-term financial stability and success.

Most appropriate for new hires!


6.   Navigating Your Silver Journey.

Before retirement, the pre-retirement stage marks the gradual transition from a life of work to a life of living. As you shift your focus, ascertain your financial needs for retirement, ramp up savings and reduce debt. Making the right moves also means securing three essential aspects of retirement: income, medical and healthcare, and a home to grow old in.

Most appropriate for young senior staff nearing retirement age!

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Investing in your employees' financial wellbeing goes a long way in boosting your organisation's success.

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