Financial Literacy and Education

Credit Counselling Singapore (CCS) also conducts financial literacy talks and workshops to promote responsible credit use and improve basic financial literacy in Singapore, with a focus on practising good money management skills.


If you are from an Organisation, we can conduct talks or workshops for your staff as part of your organisation's HR programme for employee education and well being.

If you are from a Social Service Agency we can conduct a sharing session on CCS services and help process for your staff, social workers and counsellors to enable them to recognise individuals that may have a debt problem and direct them to seek assistance from CCS.

For individuals, you can also benefit from our extensive experience in providing financial counselling to people from all walks of life. We conduct group workshops to help participants address concerns in areas of retirement adequacy (for young seniors aged 50 and above), under going work transition or adjusting to job loss, or looking to improve their money management skills in anticipation of major life events such as getting married, buying a house or starting a family.


For more information, please email our Education Team with your enquiries.

Cents-ible Retirement Programme (CRP)

There are many courses available on building up assets and planning early for retirement. However, CCS Cents-ible Retirement Programme (CRP) is about aligning our retirement expectations with our available retirement financial resources.

If you are a young senior, aged 50 and above, you may be not have considered the following:

1.  How long am I likely to live in retirement, when I do not have any employment income?

2.  How much am I likely to spend in retirement?

3.  Where would my income come from? If I have a source of retirement income, how long, how stable and how much can I expect to receive this income?

Attending CCS Cents-ible Retirement Programme (CRP) Workshop will provide you a snapshot of answers to the above questions.

Financial Sustainability During a Work Transition Workshop

When undergoing a retrenchment, where can one go to seek an objective assessment of the state of one's personal financial affairs. While on a job search, which may take months, there may be no income but there are still expenses and loan commitments to be met. How long can one cope financially during a work transition?

CCS Financial Sustainability workshop is a practical, hands-on approach to assist you to:

- Take stock of your current financial position;

- Identify and assess your financial concerns and commitments;

- Draw up an interim personal or household budget to help you to stretch every dollar during your job search;

- Be aware of the various financial assistance schemes and options available to address any shortfalls.


For more information on future workshops, please email our Education Team .

Money Matters! Workshop

CCS Money Matters! (for Working Adults) is a 3-hour workshop to help participants adopt positive money habits in managing “everyday” money. The workshop will also equip participants with basic financial knowledge on various credit and loan facilities so that they can make informed decisions about savings, spending and borrowing.

Workshop activities include presentations, financial goal setting, budgeting, a case discussion and quizzes.


For more information on future workshops, please email our Education Team .

MOVE! Towards Financial Wellness Programme

CCS MOVE! Programme is a series of three fun-filled workshops for working families who may be on financial assistance and staying in rental flats, and want to move towards owning their own flat.

The programmes aims to help participants adopt positive money habits in managing everyday money and equip participants with basic financial knowledge to make informed decisions about savings and spending, what to consider when faced with a need to borrow and how to work out a plan to pay down arrears.

Workshop activities include presentations, games and quizzes to reinforce key learning points and worksheets to guide individual learning.


For more information on future workshops, please email our Education Team .