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Mr. P

Dear Mdm K, Today marks my first month towards a debt free life and for the next five and a half years, I am committed towards a monthly payment of $3000 to all 9 creditors. If only I had been a little wiser, I would be richer by $180,000 instead. Looking on the bright side, if I had not come to CCS, I would most probably be in debt for the rest of my life and the 8 months of unemployment last year nearly drove me to insanity but as the saying goes, what goes up must come down and when one hits rock bottom, the only way is up. I wont go into lengthy details on why and how I got into this predicament today because our situations differ but I do believe that people like us have one thing in common and speaking for myself, since young, I have never learn to appreciate the value of money. In early December 2013 when I returned to the workforce, I made myself this promise, with the new year ahead, I want to get out of debt, if not for myself, for my parents. I want to be able to look after them in their golden years and if I have to bite the bullet hard for the next five and a half years, I will bite it hard. If embarrassment is stopping you from seeking help, then you will be glad to know that you just need to be embarrassed for 3 times only. First, during the Information Talk, second during the counselling session and third, when the Debt Management Proposal is finalised. During the counselling session with Mdm K, I broke down in tears, how embarrassing is that? But, please remember this, if you sincerely want to turn your life around, the staff at CCS will be able to lend their helping hands and hear you out. On that same token, I would like to thank and appreciate my counsellor, Mdm K Kum Wah for her professional yet personable approach in helping with the drafting of the DMP proposal and working with me step by step on monthly budgeting and expenses.She has been most kind and understanding, so thank you very much Mdm K. If only my parents knew, they would be most grateful too, so on behalf of them, I say thank you again. I do have a suggestion for CCS's consideration. Would some form of support groups be useful to a cohort embarking on a long journey? I believe a support group would provide a network of emotional assistance and possibly too, reduce the number of defaulters. Those who have completed their DMPs would make good candidates to lead such support groups and if given the opportunity, I would like to give back by serving in one too. It will have dual benefits for me to learn, grow and remain committed over this journey and beyond. On a side note, creates a warmer and more welcoming feel at CCS or perhaps, the existing ambience as it is, serves a humbling purpose for an forgettable experience? Thank you CCS, you have made an incredible difference to my life and beyond. ps: please use the entire email or extract as you deem fit as my testimonial, thank you.

Mr. B

CCS is well recognised by the government, the banks and the courts. My advice is if you are having "credit card problems" talk to them first. I am working as a Manager drawing a salary of S$6,000 per month. To many people I know, this is an upper salary bracket. However, to me this is the minimum sum required to keep my family survive. This amount do not include allowance for food. My wife has to work to help me make ends meet. And I only have one son who is in secondary school now. This is because three quarter of my salary is used to pay my credit card debts. Sounds tough ... it was tougher two years ago when almost all the banks who had issued me with credit cards, magnified and spelled out the fine wordings stated in the terms and conditions that I had earlier signed; except I must add CITIBANK who was quick to equitably help me restructure my credit card debt to term loan. The same banks who had for many, many years loan me the money and treat me like VIP as a customer at the front counter had now transferred my acounts to their Collection Dept who termed me legally as debtor. The legal language switched from Banking Act to Bankruptcy Act. Many are armed with willing lawyers who had memorised the Bankruptcy Act by heart to prey on obviously unrepresented debtor. Some of the banks employed licenced ’Tai Long’ who are fond of offending and breaching the debtor’s privacy. It was a very tough period for me; psychologically. I requested the help of The Association Bank of Singapore who directed me to Credit Counselling Singapore (CCS). The latter had helped me mitigate the situation by summarising my expenses and expenditure thereby showed me my financial strong and weak point. My financial situation was dire; I can easily submit to bankruptcy but I opt to be responsible for my debts. Now I am still struggling to pay back my debt but at least I can see the light. Four years more and I hope to be free of the credit card debts and bank loans of more than S$100k. I now prefer Debit Card.

Mr. C

I gave in to temptations and stared swiping for every purchase. I spent the credits on shopping, entertainment and holidays. I never expected that 1 day, I will eventually ended up maxing up all my credit limits. In 2011, I realised that I had used up all my credit limits from all the banks. At this time, life is a nightmare. I realised that I owe the banks a total of 100K and that amount is growing every single month due to interests and late fees. After adding up all my minimum payment, I realised that I have to pay as high as $3.5K per month. And the worst thing is I do not have a job to make monthly payments. I started borrowing money from my family every month to make the minimum payments. These are not even enough for half of the minimum payments. My only solution is to make payment for Bank A on day 1 and draw it out immediately on Day 2 to pay Bank B. This did not help much but made things worse. I soon realised that the amount I owe each bank did not reduce, instead they are accumulating late fees and interest. As a result, it ended up in overlimits. Because of this, I could not sleep every night. Everyday, I received calls from banks demanding for payments. Some even threatened to send lawyers' letters as well as to terminate my accounts and demand for full payments. I had no way out. At that time, I decided to face the reality. What I am doing is not helping matters. I started frantically looking for a job. At the same time, I also kept borrowing money from my friends and relatives. One day, one of my friends told me that he had heard people talking about debt restructuring programme and asked me to go check it out. At that time, fortunately for me, I had just landed a job. I search online for debt restructuring programme and happened to chanced upon CCS. This is the turning point of my life. I signed up to attend the InfoTalk and from there, I see a glimpse of hope. During the talk, I realised that not all is over for me. I still have a chance. Its not the end of the road for me. After the session ended, I decided to seek help from CCS as I understand from the InfoTalk that people of similar situations as me had successfully benefitted from CCS' help.

Mr. J

The first half of this year was extremely dreadful. Work not smooth, money problems escalate, banks regular calls demanding payments, banks filing for bankruptcy, etc… The problems were never ending, and I could only expect worse to happen. Anyway the nightmare is over, at least for this moment. Thanks for your great help to save me from the nightmares.

Ms. H

As a result of my carelessness, my little debt snowball to a huge debt of S$100,000. I was stressed when my total monthly repayment has exceeded my month salary. I was really desperate for help and unable to cope. On my own accord, I tried to approach banks, credit cooperative etc for help, but was unsuccessful. For almost a year, I struggled to cope with the hounds of my creditors. The feeling was terrible. I felt insecure, helpless, hopeless, despised, rejected and a failure. I was overjoyed when I heard of CCS from the media. Immediately, I called to enquire. I attended their awareness talk, counseling and finally had my DMP worked out. At CCS, I was treated with respect. CCS has helped me to restructure my debts and my lifestyle. I begin to appreciate the beauty of credit free living. Today, I am able to meet my monthly debts repayment. My stress was gone and I have gained back my confidence. I am now a happier person and I look forward to be debt free soon.

Mr P

Thank you CCS and especially Ms G for your help for i know that without you, my name will be added to the bankruptcy list. Hi, I am 44 yrs old. In 2002, due to cost saving plans in my company, I was left with free time due to less O/T in my company. To pass the time, i resorted to gambling and in a short space of 1 and a half yrs, i chalk up a debt of more than $100k. How to pay? In 2004, i called up the banks whom i am owing .Except for Citibank, the rest of the bank did not respond to me. So every month, i just paid the minimum sum. I then realise that i was not reducing my debt at all. Earlier this year, i read in the Sunday Times about CCS. I then called up CCS and attended the talk at the Subordinate Courts. Afetr i had filled up all the forms, I attended the councilling session.I was then put on the DMP. CCS has helped me to appeal to the banks for a lower monthly repayment which i am able to service, of course with a lot of self discipline. However, i know that if i am to keep my part of the plan, i will be debt free in 6 yrs time. Thank you once again and will be grateful always.