Our Vision

A leading charity that fosters financial resilience and a trusted organisation for all matters related to debts.

Our Mission

1.   Empower individuals and enterprises to be financially resilient through education and counselling.  To strengthen financial resilience by: 

a.   Imparting knowledge, developing financial management skills, and encouraging change in behaviour towards better credit and debt management.

b.   Conducting credit counselling, restructuring debts, and providing continual support to alleviate the debt-distressed out of their situation.


2.   Contribute to public policy and encourage lending institutions to adopt better lending practices through research and advocacy.  To facilitate an inclusive and supportive lending environment by: 

a.   Conducting research to inform on the lending environment, borrowing and debt management behaviours of individuals and enterprises. 

b.   Engaging the authorities, the lending industry and other credit providers through dialogue and partnership.

Our Values

*   Compassion

*   Integrity

*   Professionalism

*   Teamwork