Bankruptcy Support Programme (BSP)

Benefits of the Joining the Bankruptcy Support Programme (BSP)

Credit Counselling Singapore (CCS) Bankruptcy Support Programme (BSP) offers financial counselling, informative talks, and online resources on managing finances and maintaining mental health, for bankrupts and their families. We hope to help them overcome challenges that typically comes with bankruptcy. Ultimately, we support bankrupts as they work towards meeting the requirements for getting a discharge from bankruptcy, with publicly searchable records removed.

By joining the Bankruptcy Support Programme (BSP), we hope to offer the following benefits to bankrupts and their families:

1.   Sustain motivation: Maintain the motivation to make Monthly Contribution (MC) payments towards meeting their Target Contribution (TC).

2.   Sustain employability: Stay gainfully employed to meet Monthly Contribution (MC) obligations and provide for their family’s financial needs

3.   Enhance financial capability: Develop improved money management skills and attain financial resilience.

4.   Strengthen family bonds: Stay together as a family and rebuild relationship bonds.

5.   Restore self-esteem and confidence: Regain self-esteem and confidence as you progress towards financial recovery and stability.

Information Talk on Bankruptcy Support Programme (BSP)

You can find out more by attending a BSP information sharing session conducted via online webinar, once a month. After attending the 1-hour session, you will:

1.   Gain better awareness of the Bankruptcy Administration process, including your duties and responsibilities as a bankrupt.

2.   Be informed of the requirements for getting a discharge from bankruptcy, with publicly records removed.

3.   Begin to feel more hopeful about your financial future.

At the end of the session, you may proceed to enrol into the Bankruptcy Support Programme (BSP).

Please click on the schedule for the next available talk to sign up.

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Bankruptcy Support Programme (BSP) Support Services

As an enrolled member, you have access to the following support services:

1.   Statement of Affairs (SoA) filing assistance: We can help you with the process of filing your Statement of Affairs (SoA).

2.   Financial counselling: Receive guidance on manging your finances, creating a personal budget and addressing financial concerns.

3.   Informative talks: Explore our event page to sign up for talks that focus on building resilience in the areas of money management, employment, and mental and emotional well-being.

4.   Referrals to professional counselling services: Receive support for emotional health, mental health, and family relationship issues through referrals to qualified professionals.

5.   Employment assistance: Get help with reskilling for new job roles, job-matching services and career guidance to improve your employment prospects.

Our Programme Administration Unit (PAU) is ever ready to lend support. This is your point of contact for any questions about your personal finances, or even if you simply need someone to talk to about your emotional well-being.

You may contact our Programme Administration Unit (PAU) 

Phone: 6929 1928

Facing a Debt Problem?

If you are facing financial difficulties and still considering your next steps, click here to find out what you can do to address a debt problem.

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