Enterprise Debt Management Programme

The Enterprise Debt Management Programme (EDMP) is an extension of our long-standing consumer Debt Management Programme (CDMP). The EDMP is meant to help businesses that have ceased or in the process of ceasing operations to make repayment for the outstanding unsecured business debts, if applicable.

CCS Business Financial Counsellors provide neutral and unbiased advice to owners of micro and small businesses on their obligations and financial liabilities in the event of business termination.

If applicable and at the request of the business owner, CCS may propose a repayment arrangement (referred to as an EDMP), on behalf of the business owner to the creditors - banks and non-bank financial institutions, for unsecured business debts that remain after the cessation of business.

EDMP is a monthly instalment debt repayment plan, worked out on a best effort basis, to repay the unsecured business debts within a reasonable time frame.

In addition, unsecured personal debts may be addressed via CCS Consumer Debt Management Programme (CDMP).

The Enterprise DMP is suitable for

1.   Individuals operating as sole proprietorships, partnerships and private limited companies

2.   Businesses that have ceased operations or are in the process of ceasing operations

3.   Businesses with assets not exceeding S$1 million

4.   Businesses with total unsecured business debts not exceeding S$500,000