Supporting YOU on your journey to be Debt-Free

This page is for clients on a CCS-facilitated Debt Management Programme (DMP). If you are facing difficulties making payments to your credit cards and other unsecured loan commitments, click here to find out what you can do to address a debt problem.

What You Can Find Here

Should you have questions pertaining to your DMP or are facing difficulties with making payments, contact our Debt Servicing and Support Team.

Phone: 6929 6900

(Remember to include your name, NRIC and contact number)

This section has useful information that may help you while on your DMP.

1.   Information you must know regarding your DMP. See DMP Onboarding for more information.

2.   What you can expect over the course of your DMP - from onboarding to graduation (your DMP Journey Timeline).

3.   Educational and informative talks / workshops / events to support you during your journey to becoming debt free.

Important Information Regarding Your DMP

1.   CCS is the facilitator of your DMP Proposal and Repayment Arrangement with your individual creditors.

2.   A DMP is an agreement of the repayment arrangement between you and your individual creditors.

3.   You remain solely responsible for your debts.

4.   To complete your DMP successfully, you must comply with the terms and agreement of the repayment arrangement with each creditor. This will require that you pay the agreed amount, make payments on time and consistently until you reach full settlement.

5.  Creditors have sole discretion in approving your DMP, have the right to terminate the arrangement in event of a default and to resume collection actions as appropriate.

DMP Journey Timeline

Endorse your DMP. When you receive your DMP Proposal and Repayment Schedule from your Case Administrator (CA), please read through carefully and clarify any doubts that you may have with the CA.

If you accept the terms of the DMP agreement, reply the email with the phrase "I acknowledge and accept the DMP Proposal".

You will receive an email from CCS (Debt Servicing and Support Team) informing you on the outcome of your creditors' decision regarding your DMP.

Please refer to the guide for new DMP clients that was sent you together with your DMP Proposal. The guide provides important information on making payments and what to expect from your creditors.

You may also attend an Onboarding Session where we will brief you on what to expect while on your DMP journey.

Please click here for the next available session (currently conducted online and in English).

Individual creditors may contact your regarding your DMP by phone, email or letter. You are advised to follow their instructions with regards to your repayment arrangement.

Please do not hesitate to clarify with your creditor if you are not certain on what to do.

Please provide CCS with a copy of your creditors' letter / instruction regarding payment arrangement to

Remember to make your monthly instalments payments before the due date as specified by your creditors.

If your creditor did not specify an alternate date or have not contacted you regarding your DMP, make your payment before the due date in accordance to the proposed DMP Repayment Schedule. Continue to make payments until the completion of your DMP.

You are strongly encouraged to keep a record of all payments made to your creditors every month.

During the first three months of your DMP, you are required to submit your payment records to CCS at

Click here to obtain a blank copy of a Payment Record Form.

Near the anniversary date of your first DMP payment, CCS may contact you to follow up with you on your progress.

Please inform CCS when you have reached full settlement with any creditor.

Please also notify CCS when you have reached full settlement with ALL creditors. After verification with your creditors, CCS will then inform Credit Bureau Singapore (CBS) to remove the DMP status on your credit file.

You may also consider attending our DMP Graduates Workshop conducted for clients who are about to complete (with about six months remaining) or have completed their DMP successfully. During the workshop, a speaker from CBS will share how you can rebuild your credit over time.

Please click here for the next available workshop (currently conducted online and in English).


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