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Basics of CBS Credit Report and MLCB Loan Information Report

Do you know that the two main categories of loan and credit lenders in Singapore check on your credit repayment history before they extend out a new loan application or credit facility to you? Do you have any idea why sometimes your applications might be rejected by them? Read on these two full articles below if you have not. Otherwise, this article gives you a speedy summary on all you need to know about borrowing money in Singapore.

Article 1: Understanding Your Credit Report

Article 2: Understanding Your Loan Information Report

Credit Bureau Singapore (CBS)

A credit report is a comprehensive record of your credit payment history compiled from different retail banks and major financial institutions. Credit Bureau Singapore (CBS) collects these credit data amongst participating members, a list of CBS’s contributing Members can be found here This credit report is mainly used by credit providers to evaluate the likelihood of the consumer repaying before extending a loan out to you. There is many detailed information in the credit report that can help determine your credit worthiness such as: Personal Details, 12 months Account Status History, Previous Enquiry, Default Records, Bankruptcy Proceedings, Bureau Score, Narratives, Aggregated Outstanding Balances and Aggregated Monthly Instalments.

Moneylenders Credit Bureau (MLCB)

Commencing 1 July 2021, Credit Bureau Singapore (CBS) has been designated by the Ministry of Law (MinLaw) as the new operator of the Moneylenders Credit Bureau (MLCB).

MLCB is a central data repository on borrowers' loans and repayment records with LMLs It helps lenders make more informed decisions when considering loan applications by prospective borrowers, and helps borrowers better manage their loans and financial situation. The MLCB does not collect data on borrowers’ bank credit facilities or bank deposit information, nor does it make lending decisions on behalf of LMLs. The loan information report contains information such as: Personal Data, Employment Information, Self-Exclusion Status, Latest Income Information, Loan Type and 12 months Payment Status.

What is the main difference?

In simple terms, if you wish to borrow credit facilities from banks and financial institutions, there is a high possibility that the lenders will retrieve your CBS Credit Report to check on your credit worthiness, especially when you are new to the bank. CBS Members are gazetted under the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Whereas if you choose to borrow money from Licensed Moneylenders then the lenders will retrieve your MLCB Loan Information Report to check on your credit worthiness. On the other hand, Licensed Moneylenders in Singapore are gazetted under the Ministry of Law. Depending on the requirement of each lender, you might also be asked to provide both type of reports or even other supporting documents such as income statement to prove your financial soundness. Whether you are approaching a bank or a licensed moneylender, leaving a trail of good credit record will be beneficial for you in many ways, especially if you are intending to purchase a home or even start your own business in the future.

Borrow Responsibly

Borrowing beyond your means can leave you struggling financially as you go further into debt. Consider all the other financial commitments, income, existing loans that you have and understand your financial standing before applying for additional loans.

Do not borrow for the sake of repaying other debts as you may risk falling into multiple, bigger debts which makes it even more difficult for you to repay in the future. It is also important to do ample research and clear any doubts with your lenders before you agree to take up the loans.

Lastly, be sure to follow Credit Bureau Singapore and Moneylenders Credit Bureau on Facebook and LinkedIn for more useful content and tips on how to maintain a good credit reputation. To learn more about what other services and products we provide, visit CBS website at and MLCB website at

If you are facing increasing difficulties servicing payments to your credit cards or other unsecured credit facilities, consider attending our weekly Debt Management talks (conducted both over Zoom and in-person at our office), where you will learn more about what to do, when and how to communicate with creditors, what are the common collection actions creditors can take, what are the various debt settlement options are and what is the CCS Debt Management Programme. Click here for schedule.

After attending the talk, you can submit a request for one-to-one credit counselling. Details on the counselling session and instructions on how to arrange for an appointment will be explained during the talk.

Published 23 June 2023.