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Tag: National Silver Academy

退休 - 您已经为退休生活的财务需求做好了准备吗? CRP (Mar 2023)

许多课程都讨论建立资产和尽早规划退休。您或许已经做了这些计划。。。 但是,如果您想窥见您退休后财务状况的快照,就来参加这个工作坊,为您所期待退休生活的财务资源做好规划,让您更自立的渡过退休岁月! 在这工作坊,辅导员将从旁指导帮您实践习作,分析您目前的财务概况,盘点您的资产和负债,估计您退休收入来源和支出。培训师也会分享有关支持退休和人口老龄化的政府计划和方案。 这个工作坊是专为50岁及以上,拥有并居住在政府组屋,同时没有第二套房子的人士而开办的。 Many courses ...

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Riding the Waves of Change Smiling

Riding the Waves of Change Smiling This is course is based on C3A Mental Well-being curriculum. The COVID-19 pandemic has raised concerns about mental health issues in the community, and in particular, among seniors. According to data from the World...

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Retirement - Are You Financially Ready? (Feb 2023)

Retirement - Are You Financially Ready? This is a NSA-supported course. There are many courses available to help you plan for your retirement. For example, how to build your retirement nest egg or how to plan for an early retirement. But what if ...

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