Retirement – Are You Financially Ready?

It is no secret that retirement can be costly, and it's important to start planning for it as early as possible. In Singapore, retirement planning is especially crucial due to the high cost of living.  A retirement fund can help to ease the financial burden and support your desired lifestyle in retirement. This is why retirement planning is important not only for financial reasons, but also for the peace of mind it offers knowing that you have enough to enjoy your golden years.

If you have already started planning for retirement - good for you! But what if you are already into your 50's and worry about not having done much planning?

Well, it is never too late to start doing what you can.

How Can This Course Help Me Get Financially Ready For Retirement?

If you would like to get a glimpse of your potential financial position when you retire, this 4.5-hour course intends to offer a snapshot on your financial readiness to retire. With this awareness, you could take the appropriate actions to align your expectations of retirement with your available financial resources to live a more self-reliant retirement.

This course provides information and guides you through a hands-on exercise to help you

1.    Take stock of your assets and liabilities;
2.    Project your retirement income sources and expenses;
3.    Familiarise with the various government schemes that could provide additional support in retirement and ageing.

This workshop is especially beneficial for individuals aged 50 years and above, own and reside only in a HDB home (and does not own other private properties).

Retirement - Are You Financially Ready?

This is a NSA-supported course on retirement and ageing. Registration is now opened. 


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