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Breaking Free from the Chains of Debt: Achieving Success in CCS Debt Management Programme (DMP)

“I saw my mother crying and asking every relative for money to help. I was not ashamed of the borrowing of money. I was ashamed of putting unnecessary stress to my mother and family. That's when I knew I have to make a first step.”

~ DMP Graduate of 2019.


Since 2004, Credit Counselling Singapore (CCS) Debt Management Programme (DMP) has been the lifeboat of people who found themselves drowning in a tumultuous ocean of debt. These debts may arise from overspending, drop in income, loss of employment, failed businesses, and bad investments, among other causes.

As of July 2023, more than 8,000 people have successfully paid off their debts and completed their DMP.

To be clear, a person on DMP is not taking an easy way out of a debt problem. In fact, it is a proactive approach to taking responsibility to address one’s debt situation. A person on DMP must have the means to make monthly instalment payments to fully honour his debt obligation with all creditors. Ideally, he should complete his plan within about eight years. All his credit facilities will be cancelled and any application for credit cards or loans will likely not be approved, as long as he is on DMP. His credit report will also reflect his DMP status.


“Any time you see what looks like a breakthrough, it is always the end result of a long series of little things, done consistently over time.”

~ Jeff Olson, author of “The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines into Massive Success and Happiness”.


Those who have completed DMP, do so through being discipline, staying motivated and persistent until full settlement. While CCS played a pivotal role in facilitating the DMP, we acknowledge that taking those first steps might not have been easy.


“I am writing this email to thank you for helping with my parents' financial difficulties… Although we (my brother and I) are aware of their financial plight to a certain extent, little did we expect the situation to be so bad that they now require help from CCS.

My brother has been feeling very bad since he knew about my parents' current financial situation… are all for his living expenses when he was in the US.”

~ Daughter of a DMP Graduate.


Being able to work out a DMP is a lifeline not only for the affected person, but for family members as well. The financial stress that shattered the household harmony may be alleviated and family members may once again experience peace of mind and broken relationships may be mended.

Moreover, following the repayment plan, sticking to one’s budget and actively watching one’s spending, instils positive habits which benefits the individual and also a positive effect on the whole family.


“Most of us were due to lack of self-control, and needed that one more step to get ourselves back to normal life.

Actually, with help of CCS, I was able to make myself wake up and do better things for the long-term future. As of now, I have developed a habit of spending only what I have, rather than depending on credit terms, thus not over spending.

~ DMP Graduate of 2021.


Life is unpredictable. No matter how much we plan and prepare, events can occur when we least expect them or at ill-timing.

We may find ourselves thrown off our financial plans and struggle to stay afloat. While we at CCS will try our best to provide a helping hand, only you can reach out and take hold of the hand offered.


“…because those people are in debt, their self-esteem will be low and (will) keep a low profile. Even though for the past 7 years I never (provided any) feedback but everyday I'm feeling grateful that this really helps and there is an end of it.

For those in serious debt, they see no end; hence they end up having mental issue or choose to end their life. I think this is what I (was) seriously considering in 2014.”

~ DMP Graduate of 2022.


The debt repayment journey often spans several years and is by no means a short one. Coupled with life’s ups and downs, some may, at times, find the debt repayment journey to be very challenging.

We salute all who have completed their journey with determination, motivation, and persistence.

They are a shining beacon of hope to those still on the journey.

Credit Counselling Singapore

Published 28 July 2023.