1-to-1 Counselling Session

During a 1-on-1 financial counselling session, the focus is on providing you with personalised debt advise.

Our Financial Counsellors will work together with you to help you better understand your financial position, your monthly cash flow (of your income and expenses), and to identify feasible solution(s) that you may explore and/or the necessary actions to take to resolve your debt problem.

Most sessions may take up to one hour and in most cases, you will require only one session.  However, some may require more than one session as more time may be required due to personal circumstances or more time needed to make adjustments and review one’s own financial situation.

You should

1.   Be prepared to answer questions about your sources of income and assets owned.

2.  Volunteer information that have impact on your financial position.

3.  Work with the Financial Counsellor to draw up your monthly budget.

4.  Heed the advice given and be prepared to make lifestyle adjustments and live with basic necessities.

5.  Be open to other options, if your prevailing financial circumstances warrant it.

6.  Be able to determine how much money you will need to set aside to for debt repayment in a DMP, based on your debt size. 



CCS charges a one-time fee of $30, payable on your first appointment with our Financial Counsellor.

There is no further fee for subsequent appointments (if needed) or for the setting up of a Debt Management Programme.