Further Easing of Community Measures - Safe Management Measures at CCS

On 22 April 2022, the Multi-Ministry Taskforce announced further easing of community Safe Management Measures (SMM). 

See Press Release.


Credit Counselling Singapore will continue to observe the following Safe Management Measures (SMMs) at our office:


CCS office remains open from Mondays to Fridays, 9.00 am to 6.00 pm (except public holidays) for essential face-to-face sessions and in-person submission of documents only by appointment.

The following Counter Services will be available during our operating hours by appointment only:

1.   Submission of counselling request form and supporting documents.
2.   Signing of documents related to debt repayment proposal (if required).
3.   Signing of statutory declaration (if required).


Debt Management Information Talks
Get information on what you can do to address an unsecured debt problem by attending our Debt Management Information Talks conducted online via Zoom or in-person at CCS seminar room. Seats for in-person are limited. You may refer to the schedule to register.

Alternative, you may take our Online Debt Management Course.


Online Submission Portal
To arrange to speak with a Credit Counsellor for debt advise, you are required to submit a counselling request before an appointment will be provided. You may now use our Online Submission Portal to do so.

Instructions to access our online submission portal will be explained at the end of our talks/webinars or after completing the online course


Manual Submission by email or post
You may also submit a Counselling Request Form (PDF, scanned copy or printed) with the relevant supporting documents via email or post. See guide to preparing your documents for submission


Phone Counselling Service
Presently, all credit counselling sessions are conducted over phone at the appointed date and time.


Face-to-Face Counselling Service
CCS will arrange for a face-to-face credit counselling session on a case-by-case basis, depending on the circumstances. 

Assistance for Addressing an Unsecured Debt Problem

Do explore our website to access general information on consumer debt management or business debt management, access useful resources available or call 6225 5227.

If you require assistance to address a problem with credit card outstanding balances and unsecured personal loans, attend any of our weekly Debt Management Talks or Webinars or take our Online Debt Management Course to find out more about CCS Debt Management Programme and what you need to do to arrange an appointment with a Credit Counsellor.


1.   For general enquiries, email enquiry@ccs.org.sg 

2.   To change appointment date or time, email precounsel@ccs.org.sg

3.   To submit documents to request for an appointment, scan the Counselling Request Package and the required supporting documents, and email them to precounsel@ccs.org.sg 

4.   For counselled clients awaiting the processing of repayment proposals, email postcounsel@ccs.org.sg

Please note that mask-wearing continues to be required in indoor settings. As such, all visitors MUST WEAR A MASK when visiting CCS office.

Thank you.  

Updated 26 April 2022